IBM Rational Requirements Composer Client

IBM Rational Requirements Composer Client 2.0

It helps teams define/use requirements effectively across the project lifecycle
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Rational Requirements Composer helps teams define and use requirements effectively across the project lifecycle.
The whole team creates and uses requirements, though a business analyst may lead the effort. Better, faster requirements lead to less project rework, faster time to market, and better business outcomes.
Main Features :
- Engage a wide range of customers and other stakeholders in the requirements process. Use intuitive storyboards, process diagrams, use cases, and other visual and textual techniques to uncover customer needs and define good requirements.
- Gain fast stakeholder consensus through effective team collaboration and deep visibility into team activity.
- Foster agility and predictability with light-weight requirements practices, centralized repository, common dashboards, and team-wide conversations.
- Analyze, organize and manage requirements and their changes efficiently using attributes, collections, tags, filters, views, and out-of-the-box report templates (including UI specification, audit history, traceability report).
- Align development and test teams with business priorities using collaborative application lifecycle management (CALM) integrations, relating requirements, work items in IBM Rational Team Concert, and tests in IBM Rational Quality Manager.
- Where teams are capturing and organizing requirements in a work item backlog, elaborate these work items with visual and textual notations to accelerate communication with and commitment from the customer or product owner.
- Where teams are managing requirements with Rational RequisitePro or Rational DOORS, provide requirements definition accelerators as described above.
- Rational Requirements Composer adds a web client, review and approval workflow, collections and snapshots, shared filters and views, customizable dashboard with viewlets shared with Team Concert and Quality Manager, and much more.
- Operating systems supported: Windows

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